hi-end digital marketing
The Art of digital marketing
hi-end digital corporate branding
The Art of digital marketing
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The Art of digital marketing
The Art of digital marketing towards Millennials nowadays


Digital Marketing & Corporate Branding

Digital marketing has changed–-and will continue to change—the face of advertising anywhere. It is the face of the future—and it proves that because of it, there’s a lot to be thankful for.

Media & Community Relations

We have good and strong media relationship with variety of editorial desk such as technology, lifestyle, health, economy, business, from daily, weekly and monthly subscription as well as print, online and electronic media and varies of community.

Communication Audit

We provide the recommendation and strategic planning based on the evaluation & analysis results. We study your problems using many kinds of method and research designs by digital, field and desktop literature.

WE ARE ...
We use TECHNOLOGY in all communication LINKs

Established in the early of Millennial era on 2018, we stand among the millennials offering a new challenge in digital marketing with technology and analytical approach. Our vision is to personalize the communication in all technology platform. 

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We take the time to gain insight into your objectives and desired outcomes. Understanding who you are, who you want to talk to and what you want to say, allows us to rationalize and creatively develop a strategy that connects.

We are a team of dedicated professionals with expertise and passion; We turn great ideas into ONE BIG IDEA (SATU IDE). Our team deliver design and digital outcomes while remaining focused on your objectives, brand and strategy.
01. SURVEY  We begin the process by meeting with you to find out all about your company, goals and overall business plan. It’s important for us to know about your values and what makes you different as well asunderstanding the industry, competitors and target audiences. Then, we carry out our own survey and research into your industry sector, finding out as much as we can about your target audiences.
02. BIG IDEA The big idea come up for you, we bring up your digital marketing goals, your digital marketing strategy, and your digital marketing plan & primary digital identities. The primary Digital Identities of your business, these are : Website Corporate /product Identity Social Media Tools. These are like your online office, shops or showrooms. These are the places where you want your target customer to reach & ultimately buy your products & services.
03. CONCEPT PLATFORM / PROPOSAL We deliver concept platform/proposal such as an integrated digital marketing campaigns tailored specifically to your business goals. This involves using our expert knowledge and creativity across several online marketing services.
04. DESIGN & DEVELOP By understanding your business, target customers, product / service, competition, base on your digital marketing goals, digital marketing strategy, digital marketing plan & primary digital identities, we launch every steps of your digital marketing plans through various digital marketing channels like search engines, display networks, ecommerce portals, social media, emails, messaging & affiliate programs. We develop all of your marketing tools and make it work for your business performance.Measurement is hugely important when it comes to ensuring the effectiveness of our work in growing your business. Our service is enhanced by the insights we gain from the data we collect. Our learning is never done. We constantly analyse the performance of each aspect of the campaign and share monthly reports around the metrics that matter to you. We work with our clients in a transparent and collaborative way, sharing results, insights and feedback.
05. ANALYZE & MAINTAINING The best thing about your primary digital marketing identity is that it is not only cost-effective or has wider reach but that you can also measure it at its every part. We can track and measure your cost that you spend online. We can calculate your ROI o, we will give you a report that figure out which channel are not performing well and can make investments accordingly. Suppose a particular channel isn’t performing well, so you can relocate that budget on a better performing platform. This is how you can increase sales and increase revenue in same amount of money. We do this through Web Analytics, which is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data over the internet for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.  The last thing you should have is retention. Retention is getting the same customer back to your website and selling again. We can do this through email marketing, remarketing and soon.
06. HAPPY CLIENT We listen carefully. We advise wisely. We design properly awesome. Our success is measured by results, and how our clients feel about their experience with us. Happy customers and ongoing relationships are what we strive for.